Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who's who? Cambridge Heros

Part of Cambridge Who's Who mission includes giving back to the community. We have donated memberships to some worthy causes. Please take the time to read their stories. Visit their websites and make a difference.

Susan Thompson, The North American Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc. We applaud your efforts and your work. Susan's efforts derive from first hand experiences with her brother who was a transplant patient. Andy was 38 years old and suffered from liver disease. He was on the Transplant List as a liver patient and had four children. Andy had 2 live donors that were being tested and time was of the essence. While he was at home, his system failed. The hospital had let him out just 1 week before. The doctors at the hospital could not find an ICU bed for Andy so for 16 days he suffered. He had a brave soul and will always live as a hero. Susan now dedicates her life to make sure that others do not suffer the incredible loss she has. She does not realize that her drive, determination and compassion also make her a hero. Cambridge Who's Who recognizes her as a leader and an inspiration. See Cambridge press releases on our News Blog and on the web, but most important visit Susan's website The North American Andy Transplant Foundation. Give the gift of life and support their campaign.

Ivan P. Dobranic, sells art to support his overwhelming life & disability expenses. Ivan battles every day with crippling effects of the disease Muscular Dystrophy. Despite all this he continues to overcome every setback with his unfailing optimism and the caring support of his family. His determination and creative spirit shine through his painstakingly crafted oil paintings and drawings. Ivan needs your help, day to day medical expenses, special equipment not only for mobility, but also to continue creating his artwork can at times be overwhelming. You can find Ivan's full story in his press releases at Cambridge Who's Who or on the web. Help Ivan continue his work go to his website look at the fine work he does and make a purchase.

Melody Baker is the inspiration for the development of the Cambridge Who's Who Goodwill Program. I found her on the web while doing research and her words made me realize that there are an incredible amount of people out there that deserve recognition that is afforded through a Who's Who Company. Here is Melody's story:
Melody Baker is a Successful, Deaf Internet, Networking Marketer. Most of us do not realize that what comes easy for us, is 10 times harder for a disabled person. Melody is a deaf, paraplegic and her only means of communication with the outside world is her computer. Melody's website, is dedicated to not only helping her become financially free, but to help other disabled people get the same opportunity. Everyday Melody struggles with multiple disabilities yet she finds time to help others. Find out more about Melody at Cambridge Who's Who News or her press release. Visit her web log or her website and help Melody help herself and others.

There are so many worthy causes that need attention. I would like to extend the opportunity to others that know of similar situations. You may submit a short request with web address and supporting information by email to pr at

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Who's Who Protect Yourself Online

I've been doing allot research lately online. My job at Cambridge Who's Who brings me in the public eye every day. The internet community is very different from the one I grew up with. I thought the internet was used for finding company websites, interesting articles & research. That is the work I have always been involved in. I find out now that there is allot more going on and I have fallen behind the curve. You see because I write online for Cambridge Who's Who something happened unintentionally, people began to know my name.

I thought it was quite amusing until a good friend told me that having your name online can cause some problems. So I decided to do some research. I found this great website:

Working to Halt Abuse OnlineThe statistics can be hair raising:

*WHOA receives up to 50 cases per week. Some of our cases come to us from law enforcement or informally via instant messaging, during speaking engagements or otherwise, and we are unable to gather demographic data on those cases.Stay Safe on the Internet-Information from Working to Halt Online Abuse

  • Select a gender-neutral username, email address, etc. Avoid anything cute, sexual, diminutive, or overtly feminine.
  • Keep your primary email address private. Use your primary email address ONLY for people you know and trust.
  • Get a free email account and use that for all your other online activity. Make sure you select a gender-neutral username that is nothing like anything you've had before. There are many, many free email providers, such as Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo! and Hushmail. We suggest that you do a search using your favorite search engine and choose the email provider that best suits your own needs.
  • Don't give out information simply because it is requested. Countless web sites ask you to give them your full name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, etc. when you might just want to search their catalogs or read messages on a discussion forum. Give as little information as possible, and if they insist on information that doesn't seem justified, leave to go elsewhere. Some people give false information at such sites, especially if they don't plan to return in the future. Be especially cautious of "profiles" and "directory listings" for instant messaging programs or web sites.
  • Block or ignore unwanted users. Whether you are in a chat room or using IM, you should always check out what options/preferences are available to you and take advantage of the "Block all users except those on my buddy list" or adding unwanted usernames to an Ignore list in chat. If anyone bothers you and won't go away, put them on block or ignore!
  • Don't allow others to draw you into conflict. That may mean that you don't defend yourself from personal attacks. It's safer to ignore them and keep yourself above the fray. When you respond to a harasser in any way, you're letting him know that he has succeeded. No matter how hard it is to do, do not interact with a harasser. When he realizes that he isn't getting a reaction from you, in most cases he'll move on to find an easier target.
  • Lurk in a new forum to learn local customs. Read mailing list or discussion board postings for a week or more without responding or posting anything yourself. In chat rooms, just sit quietly for 10-30 minutes to see if the discussions that are going on are truly something in which you wish to engage. Don't respond to private messages in that time, either.
  • If a place becomes stressful, leave it. There are many stressors we cannot avoid easily in our lives, so why put up with those we can avoid? If someone is being asinine in a chat room or on a discussion board, there are countless others that are likely to be more pleasant. If another visitor to a chat room or forum is harassing you and the forum owner/moderator refuses to take decisive action, why would you want to be there? Don't allow yourself to get tied up in battles over territory.
  • When you change, really change! If you need to change your username or email address to break off contact with a harasser, using a variation on your real name or anything you've used in the past leaves tracks allowing the harasser to find you again fairly easily. If you've always been "Kitty" and you change your handle to "Cat," you haven't really changed. The harasser knows that you have particular hobbies or interests. For instance, perhaps you like to play Scrabble. If he's really obsessed or simply has too much time on his hands, he's likely to poke around in different Scrabble-related fora looking for feline names to see if he can find you again.
  • Watch what you "say" online. When you do participate online, be careful--only type what you would say to someone's face. If you wouldn't say it to a stranger standing next to you in an elevator, why in the world would you "say" it online?
  • Know what's in your signature file. Don't put your company name, title, email address, address, phone/fax number, etc. there unless your employer requires that you do so. If you must provide that information, restrict use of that email account to business interactions with co-workers and customers. Do not ever use it to participate in any public forum (mailing list, newsgroup, web-based discussion board, etc.).
  • Never use a business account for personal use. Simply leaving messages on a discussion board will reveal your IP address to others. That information can easily lead to a stalker knowing where you work and finding you offline. Restrict personal internet use to home and public access computers.
  • Ego Surf. Put your first name and last name in quotes in a search engine such as Yahoo!, Google or Dogpile and see if there are any results regarding you. You just might be surprised at what you find. Also put in the names of your spouse, loved ones and/or children. Remember to put their names in quotes to refine the search results. Better yet, use TracerLock or a similar service to do it for you on a regular basis.
  • Never give your password to anyone. Your ISP will never, ever ask you for your password while you are online or via email. In fact, they shouldn't ever contact you to ask you for your password, period. They can get it from their own records, if they really need it for any reason. If you call them for support, there are a few rather rare instances in which the support person might ask you for your password - but you called them, right? So you know it's really a support person from your ISP that you're talking to. There's no legitimate reason for anyone to ever contact you to ask for your password.
  • Don't provide your credit card number or other identifying information as proof of age to access or subscribe to a web site run by any person or company with whom you are not personally familiar or that doesn't have an extremely good, widespread reputation. Check consumer advocacy resources before giving out your credit card number to anyone, just to be sure that your trust is justified.
  • Personally monitor children's internet use, even if you have trained them in what information they can and cannot give out. There is no software in the world that can replace the active involvement of a concerned parent.
  • Instruct children to never, ever give out personal information - their real name, address, or phone number online without your permission. Consider posing as a stranger to befriend them just to see what you can learn.
  • Be very cautious about putting any pictures of yourself or your children online anywhere, or allowing anyone else (relatives, schools, dance academies, sports associations) to publish any photos. Some stalkers become obsessed because of an image. A random email address or screen name is simply much less attractive to most obsessive personalities than a photograph.
Cambridge Who's Who is supporting WHOA by adding there banner and tips to this web log to better inform the public how to avert problems before they may happen. Good Luck! The internet is still a great place but you have to stay safe in your online practices.

Cambridge Who's Who has also chosen voluntarily adopt a policy opposing harassment.
The following is our harassment policy.

Cambridge Who's Who Harassment Policy
We respect your right to free speech but require that you accept the following condition on your usage of this service: Please do not use your account to harass others. If you are asked to cease contacting someone via our service, we ask that you respect that wish.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cambridge Who's Who Membership for your B2B Needs

How to Use your Cambridge Who's Who Membership for your B2B

B2B e-commerce has been the talk of the town for years. Unfortunately only about 4.5 percent of all purchasing dollars are transacted through B2B e-commerce, according to a 2002 survey by the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies. With so few transactions conducted electronically, companies are missing out on the full value of B2B e-commerce.
Cambridge Who's Who Registry can help you do the following:
  • Find the key to reaping benefits in recruiting a multitude of business partners that have yet to sign on for your B2B trading.
  • Find potential clients, customers, service providers, subject experts, and partners who come recommended through our community of Who's Who Members
  • Be found for business opportunities, expand your Biography.
  • Search for great jobs
  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals
  • Find high-quality passive candidates
  • Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know
  • Invite all your friends and associates to join. Your network will grow quickly as you recruit members who recruit members.
B2B with Cambridge Who's Who represents an opportunity of a lifetime to establish a powerful network of influential colleagues and friends.

Cambridge Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals is dedicated to providing its members a worldwide networking forum where they can establish new business relationships, and achieve career advancement within their company, industry or profession. Our company's goal is to deliver our members recognition, support and credibility, giving them the competitive edge needed to succeed. Cambridge Who's Who has more than 75,000 active members. Our extensive membership base highlights executives and professionals in virtually every profession and industry.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

About Cambridge Who's Who

There has been some question as to “Why create a Blog called Cambridge Who’s Who News?"

Cambridge Who’s Who News” is a great way to give back to the community.

In this blog we have the opportunity to share the success stories of many accomplished individuals. Our community of networking individuals has a wealth experience and information to share. It is an honor and privilege to be associated with each and every member of Cambridge Who’s Who. My only regret, I can not share with you, our entire community.

There is a second mission of Cambridge Who’s Who News which gives me great joy. There are many individuals that do not have the same opportunities that many of us take for granted. They have a strength and determination to succeed in life and make this world a better place. These individuals have been sponsored by Cambridge Who’s Who, our hopes is that through our Who’s Who Network and the networking community we can help them raise money or get the message about their life’s mission.

Probably the most important reason, Cambridge Who's Who is dedicating Who’s Who News and About Cambridge Who's Who to the membership and staff. About Cambridge Who's Who is a means of communication for both members and our staff to exchange ideas and promote growth.

“Who is the Cambridge Who’s Who Community?”

The answer is simple, Cambridge Who’s Who is a group of 75,000 Executives, Professional and Entrepreneurs and Accomplished Individuals.

Why do people join our growing community of Who’s Who Members?

The mission of Cambridge Who’s Who is to ensure that members receive recognition, support and credibility to advance their careers. Cambridge Who’s Who is also committed to delivering the highest quality networking resource for job recruitment, career enhancement and new business development.

Cambridge Who’s Who members have exclusive access to the biographical information of more than 75,000 successful executives, professionals and entrepreneurs at, where they use the database to share information, knowledge and services. Communications via the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry travels in two directions, enabling Cambridge Who’s Who members to reach out when they have a business need or opportunity as well as receive information on exciting new ventures.

Each individual, from the college student to the top executive and everyone in between has their own specific reason that varies widely. Cambridge Who’s Who tells a story about each individual in our biographical directory. There are many members that are here for an opportunity to Network. Access to our directory empowers Who’s Who Members to find new leads, generate additional revenue and connect with individuals in their own field.

Cambridge Who’s Who Vision for the Future

There are so many exciting new ventures on the horizon. We are rebuilding our website! We have been listening to the needs of the Cambridge Who’s Who Community. The new website database will have stronger, enhanced search engine. At the same time we will be adding many new features that will give our Members added value, and a means to promote products and services.