Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who's who? Cambridge Heros

Part of Cambridge Who's Who mission includes giving back to the community. We have donated memberships to some worthy causes. Please take the time to read their stories. Visit their websites and make a difference.

Susan Thompson, The North American Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc. We applaud your efforts and your work. Susan's efforts derive from first hand experiences with her brother who was a transplant patient. Andy was 38 years old and suffered from liver disease. He was on the Transplant List as a liver patient and had four children. Andy had 2 live donors that were being tested and time was of the essence. While he was at home, his system failed. The hospital had let him out just 1 week before. The doctors at the hospital could not find an ICU bed for Andy so for 16 days he suffered. He had a brave soul and will always live as a hero. Susan now dedicates her life to make sure that others do not suffer the incredible loss she has. She does not realize that her drive, determination and compassion also make her a hero. Cambridge Who's Who recognizes her as a leader and an inspiration. See Cambridge press releases on our News Blog and on the web, but most important visit Susan's website The North American Andy Transplant Foundation. Give the gift of life and support their campaign.

Ivan P. Dobranic, sells art to support his overwhelming life & disability expenses. Ivan battles every day with crippling effects of the disease Muscular Dystrophy. Despite all this he continues to overcome every setback with his unfailing optimism and the caring support of his family. His determination and creative spirit shine through his painstakingly crafted oil paintings and drawings. Ivan needs your help, day to day medical expenses, special equipment not only for mobility, but also to continue creating his artwork can at times be overwhelming. You can find Ivan's full story in his press releases at Cambridge Who's Who or on the web. Help Ivan continue his work go to his website look at the fine work he does and make a purchase.

Melody Baker is the inspiration for the development of the Cambridge Who's Who Goodwill Program. I found her on the web while doing research and her words made me realize that there are an incredible amount of people out there that deserve recognition that is afforded through a Who's Who Company. Here is Melody's story:
Melody Baker is a Successful, Deaf Internet, Networking Marketer. Most of us do not realize that what comes easy for us, is 10 times harder for a disabled person. Melody is a deaf, paraplegic and her only means of communication with the outside world is her computer. Melody's website, is dedicated to not only helping her become financially free, but to help other disabled people get the same opportunity. Everyday Melody struggles with multiple disabilities yet she finds time to help others. Find out more about Melody at Cambridge Who's Who News or her press release. Visit her web log or her website and help Melody help herself and others.

There are so many worthy causes that need attention. I would like to extend the opportunity to others that know of similar situations. You may submit a short request with web address and supporting information by email to pr at